Ace Team

Our mission

1. Play

  • We will look where the industry is heading and we provide the best route in term of future development strategy
  • From the creation of game concepts, how to present each pitches, to proper schedules, and balanced budgets

2. Connection

  • Once the prototype is ready, we will meet the best publisher and funds to ensure the creation and full production of the IP.

The Eternal Cylinder

The Eternal Cylinder

High Concept

Control and evolve a herd of Proboscidean creatures known as the "Trebhum" ; help them explore and survive in a alien world where a huge cylinder is crushing the landscape. Eternal Cylinder is an adventure survival game.

Surviving in the unknown

Survive the perils and hazards of an alien world that is both beautiful and deadly :

The Eternal Cylinder is not your typical survival game based on the established formula, where players must gather resources to build structures and survive the night. The alien world where the Trebhum exist is populated by all manner of strange creatures and surreal landscapes, which makes the exploration a truly unique journey unlike any other survival games.

In this alien world the protagonists are small fragile creatures that are at the very bottom of the food chain. With no immediate means of defense they must evolve to overcome predators, survive the hostile environments and discover the secrets of a long-forgotten civilization that has left only traces. In this world the main thing that prevails is a gargantuan cylinder, so big that it disappears into the horizon.


The Eternal Cylinder #0 The Eternal Cylinder #1 The Eternal Cylinder #2 The Eternal Cylinder #3